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HSM Access

PSD2 is a regulation that is widely used in the digital payments industry. HSM Access is a one-stop solution that helps you secure and evolve your online payments process by implementing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) principles that are a part of PSD2.

The hardware core of the HSM Access security is the Entrust nShield HSM, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified general purpose HSM.

HSM Access adds a new level of security to your online accounts.

Entrust nShield HSM is used as a root of trust for HSM Access.

It's as simple as scanning a QR code.


Enhanced security

The HSM allows to create, store and utilize the private keys solely inside the isolated highly secured hardware environment.

Dynamic Linking

HSM Access generates a systematic authentication code as a part of SCA, which will be unique for each transaction.

Key protection

All keys are stored encrypted and cannot be retrieved as a clear-text from the HSM, even if you have physical access to the module.


By choosing HSM Access, you can be certain in both, security of your data and compliance with the rules of the payment industry.


We employ the trusted REST API to easily integrate HSM Access into your already existing payment ecosystem.

Anywhere, any device

HSM Access is an app that makes sure of security of your payments executed anywhere, from any of your mobile devices.

Strong Customer Authentication

This product allows you or your personnel to comply with the PSD2 by following two of three principles of strong customer authentication (SCA): “something that only you have and something that only you know”.

One Time Password

The app generates an authentication code which functions as a one-time token when trying to access your bank account or execute operations related to it. Simple yet effective practice that provides another layer of security to your assets.

Payment Signature

Attach a digital signature to confirm any payment transactions coming from your bank account. The code generated by the application will be an additional way to verify your identity.

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