China-linked Hacking Group Targeting Calling Records Worldwide

Hackers burrowed into mobile telephone networks around the world targeting calling records and text messages from telecommunication carriers.

22 October 2021

Reuter’s Joseph Menn recently reported a new case of security breach of a mobile telephone network by a hacking group with suspected ties to China. The “highlight” of the attack was the use of specialised tools to steal calling records and text messages.

Who is LighBasin?

According to the interview with CrowdStrike – an American cybersecurity company –  Senior Vice President Adam Meyers the group, which it dubbed LightBasin, had been acting since at least 2016, but had more recently been detected wielding tools that are among the most sophisticated yet discovered.

“I’ve never seen this degree of purpose-built tools,” says Meyers when describing the programs that could retrieve specific data unobtrusively. 

CrowdStrike even published technical details to let other companies check for similar attacks.

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