HSM Access Released on Google Play

Today is the day! Our team is very happy to finally showcase the new PSD2 oriented solution we have been working on for a while now. Introducing the HSM Access, our answer to the question of secure and convenient authentication.

19 November 2021

A secure authentication is as easy as scanning a QR-code!

HSM Access is a convenient cybersecurity tool that gives you an option to integrate an OTP or Electronic Signature into the authentication process and create an additional layer of security for your projects. It allows you to greatly enhance the security level of your authentication process and help you adhere to requirements of PSD2 compliance – What You See Is What You Sign.

The solution allows you to generate one-time token on your device which will be linked to your web profile or use an electronic signature to verify transactions or other operations requiring identification.
As with all of our solutions the server side of HSM Access is based on Hardware Security Modules – a certified bank-level cryptographic hardware – which ensures the complete integrity of the environment where the passwords are generated.

Now available on Google Play!