Is It Time To Prepare For Post-Quantum Security?

Quantum technology is knocking on our doors with computers that use quantum mechanics to solve complex problems, calculations and algorithms at unprecedented speed. How do we prepare for new potential risks associated with quantum technology and is time to start thinking about?

11 February 2022

A lot of good will come from quantum computing. The evolving technology will likely lead to the development of innovative solutions like new medical treatments, materials and semiconductors. However, quantum computing also brings new risk considerations for cryptography. Most experts think bad actors will be able to use quantum computers to break the cryptographic algorithms currently protecting data and sensitive information on a large scale in 10 to 15 years

Establishing post-quantum security is a math problem that must be solved sooner rather than later. Why? Because migrating current security systems to a quantum-safe solution will take years. So, if you wait too long to start the migration process, bad actors may gain the ability to break your quantum-vulnerable systems in a shorter amount of time, leaving your systems unprotected.

Anudeep Parhar – the CIO at Entrust –  tackles the issue and discusses steps you can take to future-proof your company’s security with post-quantum cryptography.

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