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HSM Wallet API


HSM Wallet is a secure implementation of a cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike other personal hardware wallets currently presented on the market, our solution is oriented towards server systems with a high number of the user keys.

The hardware core of the HSM Wallet security is the Entrust nShield HSM, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified general purpose HSM.

All private keys are generated inside the HSM.

Cryptographic operations with your wallets are executed in trusted HSM environment.

Generated keys are practically impossible to steal, copy or replace.

Enhanced security

The HSM allows to create, store and utilize the private keys solely inside the isolated highly secured hardware environment.


Supports address generation and transaction processing for different cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.)

Key material protection

All generated keys are stored encrypted and cannot be retrieved clear-text from the HSM, even if you have access to the module.

For the entire ecosystem

HSM Wallet protects the most vulnerable elements of cryptocurency ecosystem - Online Wallets & Stocks.


It is easy to integrate your services with HSM Wallet - JSON API will swiftly and reliably take care of the required set up.


nShield architecture gives you an option to scale the solution's capacity when needed without disrupting your business processes.

Tasks To Be Solved

We offer solutions to various security challenges with our up-to-date products

Dedicated crypto key store

The wallet provider maintains a dedicated crypto key store based on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) from which there is no way to extract the keys in their unencrypted form.

Granular access to individual keys

Users gain access to their individual keys that do not leave the secure boundaries of the HSM, preventing access to the keys to any third parties including the crypto service provider.

Trusted Enviroment

All cryptographic operations concerning user keys take place in a certified tamper-resistant HSM envirnomentiuhhuh, which adds another security level to critical operations with your crypto assets.


A simple visual layout of the interactions inside the security system our solutions create

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