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Light Wallet


Light Wallet is an application that gives you an option to manage your crypto assets securely. The app is based on the HSM Wallet API, which in turn allows you to take advantage of all of the HSM's benefits - securely storing keys and performing cryptographic operations in a trusted environment.

The hardware core of the Light Wallet security is the Entrust nShield HSM, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified general purpose HSM.

The private keys are stored inside the HSM.

Generated keys are practically impossible to steal, copy or replace.

Generated keys are practically impossible to steal, copy or replace.

Reliable data protection

Sensitive information is stored locally in an encrypted form and all private keys are reliably protected within the boundaries of the HSM.

Strong authentication

The login process is executed according to SCA principles: multi-factor authentication, one-time passwords and dynamic linking.

User-friendly interface

Interaction with Light Wallet is simple, intuitive and does not require any previous knowledge on use of cryptocurrency wallets.

Not just a safe

App functions as a versatile tool to store and transfer assets, generate addresses, keep transaction history, track the current rates of cryptocurrencies and more.


Light Wallet has the ability to sync with other services that utilize the HSM Wallet API - for example, web wallets or cryptocurrency stock exchange.

Anywhere, any device

As an app Light Wallet is incredibly handy, now you can be certain of the security of your payments executed anywhere, from any of your mobile devices.

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Easy to use wallet

A wide range of features and user-friendly interface provides a convenient way to easily and securely manage different crypto assets, create wallets and monitor the current state of cryptocurrency market.

Light wallet

This mobile wallet is built on top of the HSM Wallet API, making it simple to set up interactions with other products in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Trusted wallet

Considering that all cryptographic keys and operations regarding them exist only in tamper-resistant zone of certified HSMs, the risk of losing control over your crypto assets as a result of a breach is minimized.

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