HSM Services


Remote management services, now you or your security officers can reliably view all the crucial metrics anytime its required, from any location.

HSM Monitor


HSM Monitor is a unique solution for Entrust customers. Using this application, administrators and verified personnel with access to the company's servers are able to view the parameters and settings of the cryptographic modules at their disposal.

It also offers an option to track the status of all of your connected hardware security modules as an integral system.

Receive up-to-date information on the performance of your HSMs.

There is no need to exact field visits the connected modules for accurate status reports.

HSM Monitor is designed to work with all Entrust nShield models.

Detailed events

As a part of monitoring, the app interacts with the HSM interfaces and obtains complete information about each module.


To prevent unauthorized access by external or internal attackers, the application has implemented multi-factor authentication.

Instant notification

In case of any malfunctions of the hardware security modules, you will be sent a push notification with details about the error.

Scalable solution

Modify the displayed data as your fleet of owned HSMs expands - simply add a new module to the ones already connected.

Data protection

All sensitive data is stored locally and does not leave the device where the hardware security modules are monitored.

Anywhere, any device

This product is a mobile application, which conveniently allows you to monitor your HSMs anywhere, from any device.

Tasks To Be Solved

We offer solutions to various security challenges with our up-to-date products

Granual access

Engineers do not need access to the server room where modules are located to collect the information about HSMs state, all the necessary information goes to the personal device of the authorized personnel.

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