Do not let the modernisation pass you by. Make your digital payment ecosystem secure in compliance with the international requirements of the electronic payments industry.

Flexible and secure payment solutions

PSD2 or Payments Service Directive 2 is a widely used standard for digital payments protection. By choosing a general purpose HSM as your root of trust, you can be certain that your transactions are safe and compliant.

Solution Benefits

Each solution has its own unique capabilities, advantages and features


As intended by the PSD2 initiative, our solutions adhere to the principles of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): we utilize only what customer has and only what customer knows.


Our solutions are able to generate a one-time token that provides an additional layer of security.

Digital Signature

Add an electronic signature to confirm any actions initialized by your bank account.


You can be confident in the indisputable compliance with the rules of the payment industry.

Dynamic Linking

Dynamic Linking is a part of the SCA that provides dependable security for digital payments by keeping track of transaction details and making them more transparent for the customer.


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HSM Access

HSM Access helps you secure and evolve your online payment processes using SCA principles.

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