About Us

Helenix offers our clients agile development in their data security practices with trusted solutions based on HSMs, carefully designed to address the challenges modern industries face.

Why Us

By utilizing solutions based on general purpose HSM you significantly increase the security of your company, reduce expenses and allow yourself to fully focus on your business processes.

Choosing us elevates your cybersecurity to the level of prominent international organizations, which opens up new opportunities for your business by complying with more strict data protection regulations.

We In Numbers



of cryptographic solutions development



of hardware security distribution in the international market



of solution development based on Entrust nShield HSM

Expand possibilities

Increasing compliance with security regulations opens up new opportunities for your business.

Reduce your risks

Deciding on certified HSMs as a root of trust allows you to have the most secured and effective solutions.

Invest in the future

The number of cybersecurity incidents is growing each year. Protect your operational processes now.


Implement HSM-based solutions to protect your resources.


We are able to help you protect any type of blockchain applications


Solve problems with product tampering and reduce potential vulnerabilities

Data Protection

Enhance your sensitive data security by upgrading the key management system

We introduce our solutions worldwide