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Securosys is a trusted vendor of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), offering high-performance, tamper-resistant solutions for secure key generation and management, encryption, and digital signature applications. Securosys HSMs are certified to the highest security standards, including FIPS and Common Criteria. Securosys also offers unique features such as independent, cryptographically secure partitions, patented, policy-based individual key protection, and blockchain security, providing advanced security capabilities for the most demanding applications.

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Securosys currently offers three different families of HSMs: The Primus X-Series and E-Series HSM, two general purpose network security appliances, and the Primus S500. The Primus S500 is exclusively used in the Swiss Interbank Clearing System operated by SIX-SIC under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank.

The affordable hardware security module

The E-Series of Primus HSM offers high performance at an outstanding price. Connecting the devices to existing systems is just as easy as commissioning.

The Hardware Security Module for highest requirements

The X-Series of our Primus HSM delivers market-leading performance for the highest requirements in safety, availability, flexibility and tamper protection

USB-connected desktop HSMs that provide convenience and economy for environments requiring low-volume cryptographic key services.

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