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Trusted Solutions

Helenix specializes in cryptograhic security consulting and development of top-tier cybersecurity solutions based on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) as a root of trust.




Absolute data protection based on HSMs, independent of third-party services.


Our team can help your business with the most specific security development requests.


We are focused on short-term development & economically advantageous solutions.


Trusted solutions compliant with the newest information security standards.

Our Competences

We pride ourselves on creating innovative HSM-based solutions, which are both highly efficient and cost-effective.

Helenix is a company with extensive experience in cryptography that provides flexible custom development of cybersecurity software and technical consulting for fintech organizations. For more than 10 years, we have been supplying various HSM-based hardware and software end-to-end solutions that meet the most strict requirements of data protection regulators.

Our solutions based on general purpose HSMs guarantee the highest level of security for your sensitive data.

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Our Products

We develop a variety of flexible HSM-based solutions in the field of information security – from more common standard products to exclusive custom developments.

HSM Wallet API is a secure implementation of a cryptocurrency wallet oriented towards server systems with a high number of user keys.

HSM Access is a handy mobile application that helps you secure and evolve your online payment processes based on SCA principles.

Our Solutions

Innovation brings not only new opportunities, but also new threats. Keep your blockchain assets safe with centralized and automated protection of critical processes and private data.

Information security compliance standards increase rapidly. By using hardware security modules as the root of trust, you significantly raise the level of security of your sensitive data and critical processes.

Do not let the modernisation pass you by. Make your digital payment ecosystem secure in compliance with the international requirements of the electronic payments industry.