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Custom Development

We develop a variety of flexible HSM-based solutions in the field of information security – from common standard products to focused custom developments. Take a look at the technical areas we can offer our expertise in. 

Blockchain Security

Security audit and data protection solutions for all participants in the blockchain industry: from crypto wallets to exchanges, cryptocurrencies to NFT tokens and smart contracts.

The security of blockchain applications, and therefore the trust in your blockchain network, depends on the security of each individual element of the network and must be comprehensively verified and built in accordance with modern security standards for cryptographic systems and applications.

Security Analysis

Audit of Blockchain architecture, services and infrastructure, from hardware to used applications and code.

Enhanced Protection

Implementation of strong user authentication, with the highest security requirements possible, similar to the banking industry.

Key Protection

Protection of encryption keys and all digital signatures in the blockchain network and protection of transactions using hardware security modules.

Open Banking

Make your digital payments ecosystem secure and convenient by complying with the international requirements of the digital payments industry.

We offer audit and development of solutions in accordance with the PSD2 directive, whether it’s development from scratch or additional security hardening. Our payment solution security development services will help you minimize the cost of running your applications and services and ensure they are secure and compliant.

PSD2 Compliant

Employment of SCA, Dynamic Linking, One-Time Passwords, and Electronic Signatures. 

HSM Protected

We use certified general-purpose HSMs as the root of trust in our solutions.

Best Practices

Our experience in banking cybersecurity allows us to apply leading methods in the global fintech industry.

Key Management System

Manage cryptographic keys centrally, simply, and securely.

In any application that uses data encryption, especially in the financial sector, it is necessary to implement a system for managing encryption keys throughout their entire life cycle – from generation and storage to disposal. We implement key management in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, customize API interactions, and easily scale them as needed.

Security Audit

We can analyze your digital infrastructure and offer solutions to improve the security and performance of encryption key management.

Centralization and Scaling

Centralized and scalable cryptographic key lifecycle management for different encryption algorithms.


Support for all environments

Unify and organize key management policies across your entire enterprise infrastructure: on-premises and in cloud and hybrid environments.


Hardware Security Module

Reliably protect encryption keys and perform cryptographic operations in a certified secure environment.

A physical device with restricted access and an embedded crypto-processor that is reliably protected from third-party attacks. It’s designed specifically for security, which allows you to reduce the risk of external and insider attacks to zero and completely eliminate the possibility of compromising key cryptographic materials, preventing them from being exposed outside the safety boundaries of the module.


Advice on the best HSM models, application scenarios, and configurations based on your needs, requirements, and wishes.

HSM Setup

Help you install the module in your data center and set up interaction with your digital infrastructure.


We will integrate HSM support with your systems and services to strengthen security and ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators

Secure Development

Ensure critical components of your applications are well protected by placing them in a secure execution environment of HSM.

We offer our many years of expertise in migrating your application’s vulnerable code to a CodeSafe-certified secure environment of general-purpose hardware security modules. This is the most advanced approach to securing applications that use data encryption, and allows you to pinpoint and completely eliminate all vulnerabilities of your applications.

Protected Confidential Components

A secure code execution environment ensures that sensitive application components are protected from modification and disclosure.

Trusted Access Policies

The availability of cryptographic services and keys can be restricted in the HSM to be used only with the identified application, further reducing your risk profile.

Leading HSM Models

Safe code execution is implemented in HSMs, general-purpose hardware security modules of the world’s industry leaders.


Protection of sensitive data and digital processes with granular access control by users and applications.

A wide range of cryptographic solutions ensures the reliable protection of your data and digital processes throughout the lifecycle of data. All our solutions can also be based on hardware security modules, or HSMs, which comply with the international standards of the highest levels of cybersecurity FIPS 140-2 level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ and are used in the banking sector and to protect state secrets.


Format-preserving encryption of sensitive user data for simple and secure storage that does not require changes to existing storage systems.

Data Signature

Reliable verification of changes to the code of your applications and updates, as well as secure messaging.

Cryptographic algorithms in C++, Go, Java, C#

Security solutions for Blockchain algorithms.Development of solutions using cryptography for implementation in existing applications.


Protection for critical user and authentication data storage for your digital services.

Key Management

Centralized administration of encryption key usage policies for all cryptographic processes.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Security solutions for Blockchain algorithms.

Authentication and Authorization

Protection of customers’ and employees’ personal data is the key to preventing unauthorized access, data leaks, and fraudulent transactions

We offer the development and implementation of modern solutions for authentication – from one-time passwords to systems for managing user access policies. Strong authentication eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to the confidential data of the company and its customers, both by privileged employees and by fraudsters impersonating customers.


Solutions for passwordless authentication using tokens and hardware keys for access using cryptographic keys and integration with providers of biometric authentication systems.


Two-Factor Authentication

Integration of one-time passwords, email, and SMS with your authentication systems; generation and distribution of messages to confirm user actions.

Identity Management

User identity management solutions – secure data storage, automated access recovery, setting access policies.


Cryptographic Providers

Integration with cryptographic providers and equipment.

We develop solutions for operating systems of the Windows and Linux families based on standards for interaction with various cryptographic providers and related devices, software packages for implementing cryptographic tasks, and interfaces for operations with encryption keys:


One of the most widely-used standards for interacting with cryptographic devices such as smart cards, tokens, and HSMs.


An interface for adding the ability to work with cryptographic providers to Windows applications.



A set of packages for implementing cryptographic operations on the Java platform.


Secure Encryption Key Management Protocol


A programming interface for implementing cryptographic functions in web applications.


We will integrate HSM support with your systems and services to strengthen security and ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators


Protecting the Digital Ecosystem with a Secure Public Key Infrastructure Architecture.

We develop public key infrastructure solutions and implement existing PKI solutions using HSM as the root of trust. This approach guarantees both the security of certificates throughout their lifecycle and the scalability of the solution, which allows you to fully meet your needs in terms of cost efficiency, security, and control of the protection of sensitive data. In addition to consulting, we provide:

PKI Solution Design

Development of a public key infrastructure from scratch, with complexity, taking into account the individual requirements of the customer.

Private CA Development

Creation of internal certification centers for IT infrastructures of enterprises.


Implementation of an interaction protocol between certificate authorities and their users’ servers to automate PKI deployment.

Developing a Secure API

Safe interaction of software components and ease of operation.

We develop secure APIs in accordance with the world’s best practices and industry standards. To do this, we constantly monitor modern global cybersecurity trends, emerging threats and current approaches to prevent them, and industry standards and regulations. In addition to development, we provide consulting and security audits at all stages of the design and implementation of REST API and JSON RPC architectures.

Testing and searching for vulnerabilities

We use dynamic / static security testing technologies (DAST / SAST), fuzzing, and other tests.

Content Protection

Including validation of the legitimacy of use (JSON / XML schemas) and anomaly detection, request/response control, signature and reputation analysis, the use of TLS / SSL.

API Access Control

With OAuth 2.0, OpenID, JSON web tokens, and integration with access control systems.

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity and Data Protection in Cloud Environments.

We develop solutions for data protection in cloud environments and provide consulting services and deployment of such systems. All of our solutions give you full control over all cybersecurity critical points of your cloud infrastructures and implement a zero-trust policy for cloud service provider environments:

Cloud HSM

Remote access to the hardware security module HSM. This solution allows you to perform cryptographic operations with data in a secure environment in accordance with data protection regulators.


Zero Trust Architecture

Development of complex data protection systems based on the principle of zero trust in the elements used for storing, processing, and transmitting data.

Bring Your Own Key

A solution for generating and using encryption keys in cloud environments – allows you to use and manage encryption keys in cloud environments without relying on the provider’s cryptographic infrastructure.