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Entrust is a leading vendor of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and provides a range of security solutions to protect sensitive data and transactions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Entrust has established itself as a trusted provider of high-performance cryptographic solutions to organizations around the world. The company’s HSMs offer secure key management, encryption, and digital signature capabilities, ensuring the protection of critical information in industries such as finance, healthcare, and government. 

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

General purpose HSMs protect and manage keys in high-assurance hardware. nShield HSMs provide a secure solution for generating encryption and signing keys, creating digital signatures, encrypting data and more.

Certified, networked appliances that deliver cryptographic key services to applications distributed across servers and virtual machines.

PCI-Express card-based HSMs that deliver cryptographic key services to applications hosted on individual servers and appliances.

USB-connected desktop HSMs that provide convenience and economy for environments requiring low-volume cryptographic key services.

Digital Certificates

Entrust is a founding member of the CA Security Council and the CA/Browser Forum, and actively contributes to develop industry standards for TLS/SSL, S/MIME, document signing, mobile device, and code signing certificates, as well as certificate management.

Entrust TLS/SSL Certificates provide validated identity and encryption to secure your websites, users, and data.

Qualified Certificates from Entrust provide secure, authenticated communications that comply with EU data security standards and regulations, including PSD2.

Identity and Access Managment

Entrust Identity is the IAM portfolio that provides the strong foundation you need to realize a Zero Trust framework. And as one unified IAM portfolio, Entrust Identity supports an unparalleled number of use cases and deployment options.

High assurance cloud-based workforce and consumer authentication. Credential-based access including passwordless authentication with unified SSO.

High assurance workforce and consumer authentication. Credential-based authentication including physical smart card issuance. On-premises solution.

Best-in-class MFA and VPN protection for Windows-based workforces.

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