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Thales Luna USB HSM

The Luna USB HSM delivers high assurance key protection, maintaining all key materials encrypted within the confines of the tamper-resistant hardware. The small form factor and offline key storage capability set the product apart, making it ideal for protecting business critical keys in a secure offline environment.

The Luna USB HSM is a small form factor HSM that is widely used by governments, financial institutions and large enterprises to protect data, applications and digital identities in order to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance. It is well suited for the strong protection of PKI root keys.

All key materials are maintained exclusively within the confines of the hardware.

Industry leading key management in a portable appliance with an USB interface

Supports asymmetric key encryption and key exchange capabilities, as well as all standard symmetric encryption algorithms

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A network-attached hardware security module, provides high assurance protection for encryption keys used by applications in on-premise, virtual, and cloud environments.

An embedded PCI-E hardware security module, provides cryptographic acceleration and high-assurance protection for encryption keys and is widely used by governments, financial institutions, and large enterprises.

Luna USB HSM delivers industry leading key management in a portable appliance. The USB form factor makes this HSM an ideal option for offline key storage.

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