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ProtectServer 3 External HSM

ProtectServer Network HSMs include a cryptographic module performing secure cryptographic processing in a high assurance fashion. The appliances feature heavy-duty steel cases with tamper-protected security that safeguard against physical attacks, and deliver the highest levels of physical and logical protection to the storage and processing of highly sensitive information such as cryptographic keys, PINS, and other data.

ProtectServer HSMs offer a unique level of flexibility for application developers to create their own firmware and execute it within the secure confines of the HSM. 

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module for secure cryptographic processing

Native blockchain algorithm support - BIP32, Milenage and Tuak algorithms etc.

Customizable and scalable with a broad range of cryptographic performance levels

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Safeguard against physical and logical attacks with ProtectServer 3 External HSM – a heavy-duty steel appliance with tamper-protected security.

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