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Primus X-Series HSM

Primus X-Series HSMs are secure and tamper-proof network security appliances. They are ideally suited to fulfill the highest requirements in high availability systems. 

The Primus X-Series HSM performs a wide range of operations. It generates encryption keys, stores these keys, and manages the distribution of these keys. Besides key management, it also performs authentication and encryption tasks. Multiple Primus HSMs can be grouped together in a self-synchronizing cluster to support geo-redundancy and load balancing. 

The Primus X-Series HSM can store over 1 million keys in 120 partitions of 240MB each and is capable to perform over 1200 RSA-4096 signatures per second.

Unlimited users - no limit on the number of users and clients that can access the Primus X-Series HSM.

Ultra-secure vault implemented inside a dedicated security chip for offline storage for PKI root keys and other critical keys.

Multiple true random number generation (TRNG) modules that get their randomness from different physical noise mechanisms.

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