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Primus E-Series HSMs

The Primus E-Series HSMs are full network appliances at a price point of PCIe card HSMs but without any of their drawbacks.

The Primus E-Series HSMs are the ideal solution for small, cost sensitive system without sacrificing functionality nor usability. Often used to replace cumbersome PCI-e card HSMs it offers high performance at an outstanding price.

The devices generate and store encryption keys and manage the distribution of these keys. Besides key management, they also perform authentication and encryption tasks. Multiple Primus HSMs can be grouped together to support redundancy and load balancing. 

The Primus E-Series HSM offer the best price performance ratio for any general purpose HSM.

A wide range of APIs for their integration - either offered natively by the HSM or via a software layer.

Replacement for PCIe card HSM - operate HSM as a network attached device witch no compatibility issues

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The E-Series of Primus HSM offers high performance at an outstanding price. Connecting the devices to existing systems is just as easy as commissioning.

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